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New and Used Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

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New and Used Moving Boxes

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Jim Robinson - Moving boxes, moving supplies and Moving Boxes specialistThis site is written and designed by Jim Robinson. Jim has been a moving supplies specialist since 1995 and spent several years as a seller and wholesale supplier of Moving boxes and Packing supplies and equipment to the Moving industry.

So any cardboard box is a Moving Box?

Well any box can be a moving box, but when it comes to standard corrugated boxes it can make the difference between a hectic expensive move and an inexpensive smooth relocation. Whether you are packing up cartons for storage in a closet in your apartment or relocating across the country, the benefits of moving boxes and moving supplies are abundant. Packing supplies used with moving boxes designed specifically for moving, are designed to protect and cushion your household goods from becoming damaged and at the same time make packing and unpacking your boxes a breeze.

Will the movers supply you with boxes?

If you are shipping your goods with a moving company, some movers will supply you with moving boxes and / or supply you with people that will pack your moving boxes for you. There are pros and cons to this approach, there is usually an added labor expense and in most cases the packing will be done into used moving boxes .

What types of Boxes are there?

There is a wide variety of boxes for moving available because each box has a design and size for weight and functionality for shipping. There are boxes that come in small, medium, large and more specialty boxes such as Wardrobe boxes, dish boxes (sometimes referred to as china barrels), Picture boxes (sometimes referred to as mirror boxes), file boxes, computer boxes and gun boxes, etc. You name any household item and there is probably a box designed for it for moving. This site explains why you should consider at the very least, the basic moving boxes for your next move.

What other Supplies do I need?

Besides the above mentioned boxes, other packing supplies that can make relocation a smooth transition are packing paper and bubble wrap for dishes and breakable knick knacks, furniture pads, stretch film, mattress covers, sofa covers, labels, felt tip markers, and packing tape.

So even if you feel adventurous and go rent a truck from a uhaul truck rental outlet for relocation from your apartment to a storage facility, or if you are moving across the country using a professional moving company, packing your personal belongings for storage or shipping deserves the protection your valuable possessions receive from using made-for-moving boxes.

Any Other Moving Tips?

I have moved across the country 4 times in my life, and in those moves I have learned that getting a great price on a move is very dependent on research and getting quotes from multiple long distance moving companies. I recommend this website for free quotes from cross country movers -


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    Overview of Moving Boxes and Moving Supplies
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    Everything that one would want to know about boxes for moving -  What size do you need - 2 cube? 4 cube? 6 cube? sizes, uses, what to look out for when selecting boxes etc.
  • Moving Supplies
    Moving Supplies to assist in packing household items that do not pack easily into regular moving boxes and packing material such as bubble wrap, tape, shrink wrap etc. to help protect articles.
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    Pros and cons regarding the use of Used Moving Boxes including grocery boxes.
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    Packing and Moving tips with regard to organization of goods for a sucsessful move.
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